Evans Powersport R


Waterless Engine Coolant for road and race bikes

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Application For use in all road and race bike engines primarily fabricated from aluminium with steel and copper components.

Typical Characteristics Physical State : Low Viscosity Synthetic Liquid Boiling Point : Above 180˚C Freezing Point : Below -40˚C Colour : Red clear Odour : Almost odourless Taste : Slightly Sweet, Non-Toxic but not recommended for human consumption

4-Life Durability Evans Waterless Engine Coolants have been proven to last >20 years and a million miles in service without the need for replacement.

ASTM & ISO Standards Evans in association with ASTM committee D15.22 have developed a specific range of standards for waterless engine coolants. All Evans Coolants are manufactured in accordance with certified ISO procedural standards.

Availability In 2, 5, 25, 205 and 1000 Litre containers

Health and Safety Toxicity : Non-Toxic Environmental : Bio-degradable Flammability : Not classed as flammable Transport : Not classed as hazardous for transport
For more H&S information please refer to Evans SDS PSR-SDS.

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25litre, 5litre, 2litre