Mixer Sprayer Applicator





The Pro-Green mixer sprayer is the new easy way to wash your vehicle, no bucket, pressure washer or electricity required. No mixing of chemicals as the mixer sprayer automatically dilutes Pro-Green Car wash at a rate of 40-1 for you. The Pro-Green Mixer Sprayer makes washing your vehicle really quick and easy. All you need is a water hose, sponge or vehicle brush.

This is an empty mixer sprayer for use with our 5ltr or 25ltr concentrates.


White switch water on/off
Blue switch chemical on/off


Connect the Pro-Green mixer sprayer to your hose pipe. Top up with Pro-Green solution.

Turn the white switch on to enable water flow.
Turn the blue switch on to enable wash into the water flow.
Cover your vehicle with wash. Once your vehicle is covered in foam turn both switches off.
Agitate with sponge or brush,
Turn white switch on only and rinse your vehicle with water.
Leave to air dry or use chamois leather for speed.