Pro-Green Bike Wash & After-Shine Gift Box





Pro-Green MX is a professional hi-performance bike cleaner. Incorporating a special blend of biodegradable surfactants designed to clean every part of your bike leaving behind a streak free, shiny finish. Pro-Green MX provides a powerful, penetrating action which releases the correct level of active cleaning agents to ensure perfect results each time. Pro-GreenMX does not attack aluminium or any other parts or panels on your bike even if used neat. Does not oxidise when in contact with any metal or anodised parts. Does not attack any plastic parts, carbon fibre parts or stickers.


After-shine101 Specially formulated for use on plastic, metals, aluminium, carbon fibre, titanium etc, leaving a protective film against moisture on metal components and exhausts. A viscous liquid incorporating a specially chosen blend of emulsion silicones and waxes designed to leave your plastic and metal parts looking like new with a high gloss protective finish after each application. After-shine101 has a self levelling formulation leaving an even coat of shine after each application as it dries without leaving a sticky or greasy residue.


Remove excess soiling from your bike first using a pressure washer. Place your bike on its stand and apply Pro-GreenMX to your bike. Allow the product to penetrate for 5-10 minutes before rinsing off. while your bike is still wet, apply after-shine101 directly to bike surface avoiding brakes, seat and handle bar grips cover the whole bike and leave to air dry for about 30 minutes, when dry an even layer of high gloss shine will be visible.

After-shine101 can be used on your machine whether it is wet or dry apply and leave to air dry for an even high gloss shine.

Supplied with trigger heads in a gift box.