Ready To Use MTB Wash (1 Litre)




Pro-Green MTB is a professional hi-performance mountain bike cleaner. Incorporating a special blend of biodegradable surfactants designed to clean every part of your Bike leaving behind a streak free, shiny finish. Pro-Green MTB provides a powerful, penetrating action which releases the correct level of active cleaning agents to ensure perfect results each time for mud covered bikes.


Pro-Green MTB Does not attack aluminium or any other parts or panels on your bike even if the used neat.

Removes Mud, Dirt, Grime, Clay, Sand (including Clay and Sand staining from plastic parts) with minimum of effort. No other cleaner removes sand and clay stains from plastic parts like Pro-Green MTB does. Rejuvenates your kit from the first wash, removing Mud, Dirt, Grime, Clay, Sand etc.


Pro-Green MTB Is quick and easy to use simply apply product, wait 3-5 minutes and rinse off, dirt, grime and mud simply melts away.


Remove excess mud, clay, sand etc from your bike first using your pressure washer, place your bike on bike stand and apply Pro-GreenMTB to your bike. Allow the product to penetrate for 5 minutes before rinsing off. A streak free shiny finish will be visible after use.


Add 300ml of concentrated product to a bucket of warm water and submerge your kit inside. You can also throw in your goggles, straps and white trainers before leaving to soak overnight. The following morning, remove your goggles and straps and rinse under a tap until all chemical excess has been removed then leave to air dry. With trousers place these on the floor and agitate the bottom area with sweeping brush to loosen excess dirt before place directly into your washing machine with kit top. Wash your kit at 30 degrees on a normal wash or sports wash. At the end of the wash cycle your kit will be the cleanest you have seen it since the day you purchased it.

Pro-GreenMTB Contains No Harmful Ingredients: No Caustics, No Solvents, Non Alkaline